Quality Sunglasses for kid and women are very good for staying outdoors long hours.

In June we purchased a pair back again, and had them for at least six months before having problems with the lenses. The lenses sustained scratches that were quite obvious. I take very good care of my own property and I have to admit, I was not a happy camper. I use them while kayak fishing in both freshwater and salt, and upon discovering the scratches, it had been rendered ineffective. That’s when I contacted Duco. Their response overwhelmed me.

Plus you get a fine hard case, a soft carrying bag, lens towel, and a screw driver, and a great image test strip for the zoom lens. No more costly sunglasses for me, I’m sticking with the Duco brand from now on. No complaints, well aside from choosing the incorrect design. I’ll most likely keep as spare and re-order another style.

I have always been one to look for acceptable quality sunglasses at great prices. I have light blue eyes and a higher sensitivity to light. These sunglasses appear decent enough, provide great sun security and visual quality with the polarization. Only $10 which is ideal because I have already been known to eliminate my sunglasses or sit on them on accident, or scratch them by dropping them.

My god!! What great glasses that as well in such inexpensive prices and believe me I was skeptical too however they are really good, look excellent on you and frequently mistaken as Ray-ban ?? (Not that I am complaining ??) they are loved by me so far. . If you are looking shades in this design there is absolutely no other better choice this cheap and good. . I would 100% recommend to do it now. . Bravo Pro team!

Have bought more already. I normally buy inexpensive sunglasses ($10 from Walmart) as I don’t trust myself never to break them rather than saw the need to spend much more on them as I couldn’t tell the difference. I browse the strong testimonials on these and decided to give them a shot. I will have ordered another pair for the electric motor car – i could say i love them. They are well built, feel even more solid than you’ll expect for the price point plus they look good. they look great, feel good and so are well wroth the price.

I purchased these for my hubby and he has been enjoying these sunglasses ever since. They keep carefully the glare away of his eyes and he looks cool wearing the sunglasses which I like actually. He has macular degeneration so these protect his eye. He likes to sit down outside in his powerchair for a couple hours a day therefore they are a definite must in the south. I amazed him with these and he offers been pleased with them.

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Quality Eyeglasses adequate for the price until now

At the same time, they are getting the original products shipped with their doorsteps. Whether or not they are purchasing it from a nearby place or not they are getting the original products delivered just with time. Some of the Inexpensive Sunglasses develop refund policy and guarantee too. The cost of the sunglasses that you are buying may also be less if you’re going to purchase it from the ideal sunglass Store.

The polarization works great, when I drive especially. I can look towards the sun without having to squint. The eyeglasses have a good weight to them also, unlike other inexpensive eyeglasses that feel cheap. The springs in the hinges are still like the day I got it, and opens and folds the arms without a hitch closes. Frame is still in great shape. no scratches or any bends. Glasses fit me perfectly.

Hard to believe the reduced price of the for what you get. Case was sturdy, small jeweler screwdriver provided, washing cloth, and a great looking couple of glasses. I’ve a narrow face so I wish they were a bit smaller but overall the fit was comfortable. These eyeglasses are well constructed and should last if looked after. If you lose them you will not end up being out a a couple of cash.

NO SCRATCHES to the lens after two years of constant usage. I am sorry that is unusual to me with regards to sun glasses. I haven’t experienced a set go scratch free of charge for greater than a month before. I use only the micro fibers cloth that is provided with sunlight glasses, sometimes using simply a little bit of drinking water and that held my lenses looking like the day I bought them.

I like the fact that they are influence and scratch resistant, as I can be hard on sunglasses. So far, so good! They also have UVA and UVB safety, as well as polarized lense. These glasses were bought by me for my husband predicated on the reviews, the main one from the guy with the large head especially. My hubby is picky and loves branded glasses, but he either sits on them or shed them regularly, he is not gentle on factors certainly.

Kid’s verities are trendy in the online collections of the most recent kind. See what’s fresh from the galore of Sunglasses for men. There is special type of eyeglasses with UV filters. Eyeglasses sale prices can shock you. Order for your favorite kind of Cheap Sunglasses at this time. Plot that person in paper. It may be sounding weird nonetheless it works really. Once you have figured out the exact shape of that person then it is very easy that you should find an ideal pair that may fit your face. Yeah it shall be a breeze. Such great craft sunglasses will probably be your Boost of morale.

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Solid couple of sunglasses

The one thing Let me see improved with these sunglasses will be the temple tips (the rubberized parts that that rest on the ears to offer more comfort). A tendency is got by them to slide off, when attached to a neck strap especially. They lasted 7 months, which is ideal for me. I’m today buying my second pair so I thought it was time to leave an assessment. ?

There are men and women who are doing this regularly to find what suits them well. If you are going to find compatible accessories along with Cheap Sunglasses to use for special events then you can certainly look elegant. The type of dresses that you use under personal add-ons has to go together. Looks matter the most for ladies in particular.

I usually have a hard time finding glasses that look right on my big head. These fit perfectly. I was amazed at the appearance and feel of the for the price. I think they are equal to eyeglasses that are more than twice the price at a shop. They seem very durable and the lenses don’t seem to distort at all. They fit snuggly but not too tight. And the nasal area pads are comfortable.

I actually used the enclosed card to check on my other sunglasses to see if indeed they were really polarized as they claimed, and just found one pair which was polarized, and it was one in the $20. 00 range. I was surprised to get the Gargoyles were not polarized, and I believe they state to be, at a very high price. Makes me wonder if they have the UV security they claim!

These are extremely nice sunglasses. Extremely light and the optics are great. Very comfortable aswell. They come with a high quality case and cleaning kit plus a unique screwdriver to keep the hinges tight. I go through a lot of sunglasses here in Hawaii. I think these will outlast the majority of them. Highly recommended if you are using sunglasses nearly the same as I do.

This is actually the second pair I’ve purchased (as a backup pair). For the purchase price, you can’t do any better. Forget Oakley – obtain six of these for the price of one Oakley. Comes with all of the extras – hard case, microfiber screwdriver and pouch. AND Made in Italy stamped on body. . . not China! Easily passed off as designer glasses. Lens watch is crystal and polarized clear – rivals Oakley clarity easily. Great product!

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Designer Eyeglasses low cost for men

Purchased these for my husband who is often misplacing his glasses. He asked for raybans but I couldn’t fathom spending the money on them understanding he’d probably shed or break them within a couple of months. Ordered these on a whim and SO HAPPY with them. The packaging + quality is more than what I expected for the purchase price even! Will definitely be ordering from them again!

The sunglasses fit really well and are extremely light. The mirror lenses came without any harm to them and I appear forward for the scratch resistance to come into play when I go to the beach (will update upon this). They’re stylish and the polarization is great. In addition to the shades, you get yourself a hard case with a steel belt clip, a cloth pouch to keep the shades in, and cleaning fabric of the same material as the cloth pouch. There’s also a little screwdriver.

Also, the included case is very nice. It’s tough and includes a nice outside texture as the interior has a softer/finer lining and won’t scratch. Comes with a screen/zoom lens microfiber cloth. The hard case fits in the front upper pocket of my S2000 perfectly, I never used this pocket before but now it’s got a purpose lol. There’s a smooth sleeve for the glasses if you choose not really to use the hard case. I will not use it, but it’s there anyhow.

Not merely do they look sweet, they perform extremely well also. Of program, blocking out most light therefore you’re not needing to constantly squint at everything, they also stay very snug on your own face so you are not having to constantly drive them back up to allow them to work. Might I mention also, there’s minimal glare?! I recommend these for anyone looking for a new pair of stylish shades ?

It’s been a week since I’ve gotten these and they are no longer slow to open and open very smoothly now. Therefore, they aren’t damaged. They just need adapting. Be gentle with them. I really like these glasses though, I would suggest them to people who like half-rimmed eyeglasses to give ’em a go.

Have to admit, the “steel” colored area of the sunglasses does look cheap when viewed closely. Might possess looked better if it had been black just. But then again, this glasses is cheap. I am not putting on this sunglasses to impress anyone. WHEN I sent an email to their customer support on Amazon. They quickly delivered me a new pairs of ear socks for alternative to FREE.

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These sunglasses are the best you have ever owned

I like the known fact that they are impact and scratch resistant, as I can end up being hard on sunglasses. So far, so good! They also have UVA and UVB security, in addition to polarized lense. I purchased these glasses for my hubby based on the reviews, the one from the guy with the big head especially. My husband is picky and adores branded glasses, but he either sits on them or drop them on a regular basis, he is not gentle on items certainly.

I haven’t had the set for to terribly long but after misplacing the 1st pair I acquired a second. I have a pretty big head and I’ve experienced no issues with tightness. I think they look stylish and do a good work at blocking out sunlight for my sensitive eye. I was wary of the initial reviews, because they all seemed. . . I dunno. . . inflated. The fact is, these are really pretty great glasses for the price!

I’m really impressed with these glasses. In the picture they look like they’d be cheap plastic material. They’re not. They are metal framed and also have a good feel to them. Not too heavy. The medial side tines have real spring hinges vs warped rubber holding them too your head just. They protected them well, however, not too restricted. I’ve possessed many pairs of polarized glasses, however the lens on these are about the very best I’ve noticed. At least on par with my Oakley Direct Jackets.

This is actually the second pair I’ve purchased (as a backup pair). For the price, you can’t perform any better. Ignore Oakley – get six of these for the cost of one Oakley. Comes with all the extras – hard case, microfiber screwdriver and pouch. AND Manufactured in Italy stamped on body. . . not China! Approved off as developer glasses easily. Lens watch is polarized and superior – rivals Oakley clarity easily. Great product!

I adore these sunglasses. Simply put they are the best I’ve ever had. The arms are stiff, and the lenses are gorgeous. I’ve always had very sensitive eyes with regards to sunlight, but since using these my migraines have already been cut in half. The company is amazing also. Mine came an impression damaged from transit, however they are replacing them. For the easy fact that the business is so genuine I’ve found my home for sunglasses. Well that and I really like these shades!

These glasses are awesome for what they cost! I really do compare these against high end eyeglasses and the frames are an alloy compared to the cheep plastic all these other glasses are made with nowadays that are stupid costly and ugly! I would certainly recommend these for anyone who provides been unhappy with prior sunglass purchases.

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Awesome service,awesome value sunglasses

The shown picture does not do the sunglasses justice. The real sunglasses look far better. The sunglasses are fashionable, light, in shape well, and the polarization is very good. If you only received the sunglasses they would be worth more than you payed for them but additionally to the sunglasses you get yourself a hard/gentle case with a metallic belt clip, a fabric case that can can also be used to completely clean the lens (exact same cloth case that came with my Oakleys), a separate cleaning fabric of the same material as the cloth case and just a little screwdriver.

These glasses are more effective in cutting glare than other polarized sun glasses that I have. They wrap around effortlessly and invite good peripheral vision. Since there is steel in the frames, there is a noticeable coolness across the bridge any eyebrows in low temps. But even in January’s sub zero temps they have not been uncomfortable to wear. The sturdy case holds the glasses well with a good belt clip. T

This is the second pair I’ve purchased (as a backup pair). For the price, you can’t perform any better. Neglect Oakley – obtain six of the for the cost of one Oakley. Comes with all of the extras – hard case, microfiber screwdriver and pouch. AND Made in Italy stamped on frame. . . not China! Exceeded off as designer glasses easily. Lens look at is crystal and polarized clear – rivals Oakley clarity easily. Great product!

I actually purchased the mirrored zoom lens with the silver body and it looks simply because cool as We hoped. My mind is on the huge side and it fit right out the container. I did adapt the frame a little to make it more comfortable though. The framework is quite moldable as may be the nose guards. Should be easy for most head sizes to obtain a good fit.

It’s been weekly since I’ve gotten these plus they are no longer slow to open up and open very smoothly now. Therefore, they aren’t broken. They need adapting just. Be gentle with them. I like these glasses though, I would suggest them to individuals who like half-rimmed eyeglasses to give ’em a try.

I am a ball cap size 7 3/4and these glasses fit flawlessly snug enough to stay on with ease with hardly any, if any outward bending/tension of the temple pieces (but also if there is the frame and hinges can handle it like I mention before). Furthermore, We often receive compliments from people who ask me personally what brand also, they are.

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The sunglasses are beautiful

I dont understand how these arw priced so low honestly! great quality look and comfort without having to break your budget that something I appriciate as a person and they actually included a lower price code for my following order. thanks I’ll order more shades quickly with summer coming up

Very comfortable. I’ve a large round face. Big head in other words. The lense comforts the optical eyes and are extremely clear. I like the fact the manufacturer sent a small screwdriver for tightening and or adjustments. Flat on one side and phillips on the various other. It attaches to your crucial chain and is very handy. The nose piece is padded and adjustable. a great value. I’ve dealt with sunglasses of all types and prices from 500$-10$. These are a great value. Another great gift idea. Comes with cleaning cloth, gentle and hard case too.

I have the black and tortoise pair. I liked them when I hook them up to. I also appreciate the care taken when they were packaged by putting them in plastic hand bags and adding the accompanying holding sack. Polarized lenses had been the feature for this product for me, as I find this as a significant feature for shades generally. And the purchase price I up paid gets 2 thumbs!

I like the actual fact that they are effect and scratch resistant, as I can end up being hard on sunglasses. Up to now, so good! They have UVA and UVB protection also, and also polarized lense. I bought these glasses for my husband predicated on the reviews, especially the main one from the guy with the big head. My hubby is picky and enjoys branded glasses, but he either sits on them or drop them regularly, he is definitely not gentle on things.

It had been the video by one of the customer reviews, which demonstrated the glasses standing up to various hammer scratches and slams with a sharp implement, that sold me. . I’m keeping these and buying a pair for my son. If he loses them, the next set are his responsibility.

You do have to “spring” the earpieces a little to find the glasses on, but that’s only because they’re curved and NOT straight for an excellent, comfortable fit around the head. The curved parts over the ear are a stiff rubber, which enhances comfort even more. Another pair was bought by me to continue the boat. Like the polarization which is necessary for fishing.

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Great eyeglasses keep carefully the glare away

Figured they’d have scrapes. . . . . Nope. The zoom lens are holding up very well and the eyeglasses still look completely new! This ongoing company does it RIGHT! Build quality feels solid. I hardly ever felt like they might break or damage. They feature a mini wrench to adapt and tighten where required. The packaging is also quite nice including the carry case.

Great cost for these sunglasses, which I bought to displace my misplaced Ray Bans. My son acquired these glasses and sent me the link — and I’m happy that I purchased them. They aren’t Ray Ban quality but, for the price, they look fantastic.

Used these through last 3 months of golf season. Cannot be happier with this group of glasses. Polarized and overall very durable construction. I play 18 holes 4 times a week so if these makes it through that deterioration then they will remain with me till they finally wear out. And if/when they degrade I’ll make sure I get another set! Very comfy on my ears also as others have a tendency to dig in and rub your ears raw from wearing them too much. Definitely a great buy! I highly recommend them.

The frame feels as though a rugged plastic. That could be the covering that’s on the outside, and that means you don’t quite obtain that ‘metallic’ feeling. It won’t flex out of shape, because you can observe the inside cuts of the arms are made to be solid. (Mechanical design was put into this). They are NOT straight pieces of material just. There’s an inner lower to help make the arm sturdier. Oakley will something like that too, but on their plastic hands (from the set that I have).

I usually have trouble finding glasses that appearance right on my big head. These fit nicely. I was surprised at the appearance and feel of these for the price. I think they are equivalent to eyeglasses that are more than twice the price at a shop. They seem very durable and the lenses don’t seem to distort at all. They fit however, not too tight snuggly. And the nose pads are comfortable.

These sunglasses are great, and for the price they’re even better. They deliver everything promised and then some. Excellent polarized glass, they feature a great case, a cleaning cloth, a cloth handbag to place them inside and an instrument (little screwdriver). Used them while riding a wave runner, and also an open boat, felt great in both. Also great in regular conditions, driving, pool, and sitting in open places where the sunlight shines over you.

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Best price Sunglasses adequate for the purchase price until now

These included a hardshell case with a carabiner, eyeglass keychain screwdriver, zoom lens fabric and soft case/bag. (none of these were talked about and was nice to receive. For the price, I was expecting the glasses in a plastic material bag and nothing more.

We am living for these eyeglasses! I go towards cateye eyeglasses as I enjoy a more classic look. I purchased these in a whim and I am so pleased I did! I am looking for new styles to try and will be buying more from this seller definitely

Great glasses. . . your money can buy. Actually, excellent glasses for the money. In my younger and less wiser days I’d spend a crap load of cash buying “better” glasses, considering I would progress quality and longevity. That’s a fool’s game. The expensive ones break as often and easily as the less expensive types just, and not due to abuse on my component.

Do not worry about the price of the best Sunglasses for men but simply order the original ones online. Eyeglasses sale will there be so that you can use to cut down the costs. Do not choose the Cheap Sunglasses from the substandard shops. Order for the top quality and the durable glasses online from the right stores.

I decided the raise the budget a bit with this buy and I like it, the lens is polarized and they provide a polarization check in the package actually, it includes a good hard pouch as well as a soft cloth a single and a cleaning fabric.

Does the job. Not a substantial frame structure so you will need to be mindful by using these so as never to break anything. But it is adequate in case you are careful. That is to be likely for the purchase price. It comes with a excellent heavy fabric case that has a significant medal clip onto it to add to a belt loop or an attachment point on a backpack. I happy with it.

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