Great comfy hats

I’m still not sure if I’m certainly thrilled with the triangular gap that shows through on both sides above the ear – this could make for some interesting tan lines for all of us shaved-headed folks – but they fit great and these are made of a nice and light material for the warmer climate.

Greetings from the Captain. Folks, I can say I must say i love this hat! If you have ever seen a car on craigslist referred to as a daily driver, for me personally it has been a daily “wearer”. It looks good, feels wonderful on my head, and I’ve no complaints. I’ve just recently started reviewing my buys, and figured I’d start with my favorites. This is one of them.

This is cool and fits well really…My hair is usually falling out and didn’t ever expect to have the ability to hide it very well, This hat is a nice price and the shipping was very quick –I paid a few extra dollars for faster shipping and I think We got it the very next day or so…The dark blue is a good color especially if all you own is black and you just want a subtle change. If you’re not feeling well and do not want to visit default black, that is a lovely color and complements everything, so you really can’t fail. Note to self:investigate additional colors.

Appreciate this. Great quality, great cost, great look! I’m a remaining wing Bernie supporter who’s working to take back patriotism and the iconography of the flag from the proper . I’m a proud liberal Patriot which hat is part of my statement . Overall I would recommend and buy again for quality and price.

That is now my go-to hat. I love that it is not too large, despite the fact that I’m over 6 ft, my head is too small for trucker hats and a complete lot of energetic type hats I try on. A risk was taken by me ordering this one online and it fits perfect! It’s very adjustable, so it will also fit a larger head, but doesn’t look funny on a smaller mind either. It’s pretty lightweight and I use it on hot hikes and walks continuously. You can’t fail with the purchase price either. Get it.

This is most likely the best hat I’ve ever owned. I am 6 ft tall and have a huge head somewhat, and using the variable strap it fits properly. I think I might buy another one of these in the event this gets ruined or lost. As some social people have said, the bill is somewhat brief for a baseball-type cap, but it hasn’t bothered me and I believe I prefer that, less likely to bump into points with the bill.

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